Sunday, October 07, 2012

So how many figures have you painted again?

I always set a goal in each calendar year to paint a certain number of figures.  I'm always hoping to buy far fewer figures than I paint so I can cut into my fairly substantial figure stocks.  I'm usually fairly fastidious about keeping track of the figures I buy and paint.

I have know idea exactly how many figures I've painted this year.  I also don't really know how many I bought.
Getting close to finished.  Old Glory British Marines from the War of 1812.  Decent but not brilliant casts.

Old Glory Men at Arms with shortened lances.  More very serviceable figures by Old Glory

There's a place for me to record all that stuff right in this here blog, but I've failed in my duty to myself.

Not the end of the world.  My blog shows just over 200 figures painted for the year.  I stopped recording about the end of June, just about time we left for Virginia.  Since that time, I've painted the following figures:

17 Wayne's Legion figures
24 Victrix British Light Infantry (War of 1812)
20 Old Glory Kentucky Mounted Rifles (Wayne's Legion range)
10 Mounted Archers
15 HYW Crossbowmen.

So that's about 86 figures.  Not bad.  My goal for each year is always to paint 400-600 figures in a calendar year.  I'm about 120 figures away from meeting the bottom end of that range.

That said, I'm painting pretty consistently every night.  At the present time I have two units primed and in progress.  I have twenty more French HYW men-at-arms cooking.  I also have sixteen British Royal Marines light infantry about a third done.  Both should be easily completed before the end of October.  Both are Old Glory figures.  I'm thinking I'll paint another twelve Marines as black soldiers of the Colonial Marines that arrived late to Bladensburg.

Between now and Enfilade my painting goals are pretty straightforward.  I really want to finish the vanguard at Poitiers.  That includes the Marshals' ten stands of mounted knights, plus the other stands of infantry-five bases of men at arms and seven bases of crossbowmen, plus some militia types.

I'd also like to complete a bunch of War of 1812 figures.  I'd like to finish my two smallish Marine units.  I have the Old Glory figures for these.  Not brilliant, but passable.  I also at least need to complete the two battalions of Baltimore militia that show up un-uniformed.  Ideally I'd also take a crack at one more Victrix British infantry battalion.  I started cleaning up one of these during the debate on Wednesday. (No I did not contemplate seppuku.)

More to come.


DeanM said...

That is a very impressive number of figures, Kevin. Where do you store them all? I have nowhere near your numbers, but am already running out of space for them. Best, Dean

Kevin said...

What a great question. I have space in my garage for all my painted figures, though I struggle to find a means of storing them efficiently. There are times when I actually think I have too many figures, because I often can't easily find them.

DougH said...

Kevin, please note that you can NEVER have too many minis, you simply must make enough room ! Stacking with same sized boxes and labelling will help.

I have being collecting clear plastic shoe boxes from Home Depot for under a buck each and these really help for storage and "finding"

Also a note about your painting math. 86 plus 120 to go equals 200 not your suggested 400 'bottom end' amount. tsk tsk, and from a teacher even. :-)


Kevin said...

Silly Doug. I already have about 200 plus the 86 plus 120. I should be in the ballpark come December. My math is crap, but not that crappy.