Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Filling In

It's been ages since my last post. A lot of it has to do with end of the school year stuff and Enfilade.

Enfilade was great. There were a lot of great games. I was able to get into Pete Panzeri's excellent presentation on Little Big Horn. Perhaps the most intriguing part of that was Pete's goal as a game master running LBH as a game--maximize confusion. I wasn't able to get in on the game, but since Bruce owns it I'll likely have a future opportunity.

My own game, The Storming Party, went well. My chief regret is that I didn't take pictures. It was pretty easy to run using Tactica Medieval rules. The game came down to the last turn. I had the feeling that the choices worked out well for the players.

Last, I had the opportunity to run in the Roman Seas game by Eric Hotz. It was great. The rules were easy to pick up at a convention. I ran with Steve Ghan and Dave Schueler against some gits from the sticks. Where did they find these guys?

I also won the DBA at the Movies tournament. It's always fun to win, but it was by some good fortune and bad, bad die rolling on the part of my opponents. Nevertheless I won't complain.

From a President's standpoint I was also pleased with the convention. It was well attended, and there were few difficulties, though there were a lot of last minute headaches.