Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Museum of Flight-October 14th

On October 14th NHMGS holds its annual get together at the Museum of Flight. It's one of my favorite venues. We'll hold our games under the big SR-71 spy plane, and hope there is enough sun out to see clearly. We had four games on tap, plus some DBA and some board games courtesy of Metro Seattle Gamers.

This was a tough one to run, and it is my first experience running this event. The museum really did its part. The planning went well and we had sufficient space, tables and chairs. The hard part was getting gamers to commit to come. They don't know what they're missing. It is such a great venue, with lots of people inquiring about what's going on, the planes and the cafe. I love it.

Dave Schueler ran one of the morning games. He had a WWI Mustangs variant in 1/144th scale. He enticed a veteran miniatures gamer and his father to play and they seemed to have a great time. There was no decisive winner, but everybody seemed to enjoy flying about shooting off their ammunition.

Bruce Meyer held one of his Pacific War extravaganza's complete with seaplanes, LVT's and nasty bunker emplacements. The Americans seemed to get ashore and disembark from their armored conveyances, only to be tattooed by Japanese defenders. Maybe it would have been better to keep the Marines inside the metal contraptions and shoot their way ashore. Still, it seemed like everybody was having fun.

In the afternoon, Scott Abbott did missionary work, running Dave Creager and a bunch of interested kids through his Bombing of Japan game complete with a passle of B-29's. Though I didn't get to see much of his game, I have seen his gorgeous planes, and he did a great job with the newbies.

Mark Waddington and I ran one of our Sword and the Flame on Mars games. Mark had some steam tanks and Clockwork Soldiers to add to the feel of the game. The Brits were back, hoping to put down a Martian rebellion and capture the Martian version of the Mahdi. Just when things were looking to go their way, I pulled a Larry Leadhead and rolled a "6" on an "anything but a six" die roll. Swarmed under by flying Martians, things were looking a bit scary out on the left flank, when the game came to a close.

Paul Hannah, Andy Hooper, Richard Shagrin, Dale Mickel, and Scott Murphy got in some DBA, and introduced some museum goers to the handy little game of ancients. All seemed to have considerable fun. Ralph Shelton from Metro Seattle Gamers was able to get in some board gaming while showing off some of GMT's finest.

It was a great day to be inside. I even got a shot of my favorite museum artifact: an air racer, of course.