Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Summer in Review

Tomorrow is September 2nd and the first day of school.  As a teacher, I always calculate my calendar a little differently than other folks.  The summer has more meaning for me.  How did I use my free time?  What did I get done?

Most importantly, how was the gaming?  Did I get any painting done?  I think I can safely say it was a good summer for gaming.  I got in four Truants gatherings, a trip to Surrey to play with Doug, and the Summer Skirmish outing all made for a satisfying bunch of games.  I even left out the super thrashing the Martians gave the Brits over Shastapsh.  It WAS a good summer for games.

Most importantly, I dragged out my SCW and 1/600 ACW naval  projects.  It got folks talking about them, and made me play with them and fiddle with the rules a bit more. 

It was a productive painting summer too.  I finished about 200 15mm Spanish Civil War figures.  I also made big inroads on painting two of the big AWI Virginia regiments.  4th Virginia is done, and the 5th Virginia is half done.  I'll wrap it up in September.

Looking ahead to fall.  I'll wrap up the Virginians and move on to paint up more SCW figures (I have enough for three more units or 66 figures and three vehicles.  After that it'll be some AWI loyalist horse.