Sunday, June 10, 2007

Looking Toward Summer

It's been two weeks since Enfilade. I've managed to avoid the usual lull after the convention to begin painting again. Of course, I kind of suffered through that lull before the con, so it's just as well.

After the success of our Martian game, I came home and immediately painted up a British colonial gun battery (three sections of 9 pdrs.) I used some old Minifigs guns to go with my Old Glory gunners. I've also turned to some oldies for some colonial cavalry on Mars. I'm painting up Skinner's Horse mounted on Martian gashants. They're primed and ready to go, but I won't paint the yellow-coated Bengal lancers quite yet.

My current project is painting a DBA army. I'm working on II/26 Bosporans. They are an interesting mix of knights and auxiliaries with an artillery thrown in for good measure. Sadly, the Museum miniatures have a couple of failings. One is the Sarmatian lancers have a fair number of broken lance tips, and their's not much I can do about it. The other problem is that the pre-packaged army does not contain all of the options, which is a bit of a drag. I always thought it was an interesting army, due to the chief combinations. It also has some great enemies, such as the early Ostrogoths (I have this army painted,) Alans, and Early Imperial Romans (I have these armies unpainted.) The army is nearly complete, and it is one more project I've had laying around for a few years I can count as finished.

For the rest of the summer, I probably won't stay as focused as I usually do. i want to paint more for fun than for the next project. I see myself picking at my 25mm HYW figures, some AWI figures and my Martian stuff. In 15mm, I'll paint up the Alans, as well as some 15mm Middle Earth goodies.