Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Hundred Years War: In Search of Rules

I am obsessed by the Hundred Years War. I admit it, let's just start there, and move on in this discussion.

I'm looking for a great set of rules for the period, and haven't quite found them. I'm really interested in staging a Battle of Poitiers game for a future Enfilade (probably two years off.) Last weekend I tried Warhammer Ancient Battles, the Age of Chivalry supplement, which covers the later middle ages. The rules were fun, but weren't flexible enough to handle the special scenario issues Poitiers presents. I'd like to continue having the option to play WAB for the points vs. points play Warhammer does best, but I'd like to search for something else for better scenario play.

I'm seriously considering using the rules in Poitiers 1356 by Don Featherstone. They are similar to WAB, but with one less die roll to adjudicate fire. I'm also not terribly sure I like the melee system, but it's so simple the rules lend themselves to modification.

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El Grego said...

Howdy Kevin,

Have you considered Flower of Chivalry for your HYW rules?

Also, I have some 'Pont de Merde' pics from Enfilade around here someplace...