Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Enfilade Just Around the Corner

I know, I know, I'm a slacker. In any case, here's a little bit about Enfilade and my plans for the convention. First, Enfilade is May 25th-27th at the Red Lion in Olympia. It's a great venue, and we'll have a super time. There are super games planned. Our preliminary events list can be viewed at http://www.nhmgs.org/enfilade2007.html .

I'll be running three games. All of them will be on Saturday. The first is a modern missile boat game using the rules Bulldogs Away by David Manley. I tried these last week with Dave Schueler, and though the rules read really complex, they played very easily. I really enjoyed the game and the scenario Dave came up with. I've included photos of Dave's U. S. ships and my Iranians. The vessels are all resin miniatures from P.T. Dockyards. They are a bit daunting when you first see them, but I eventually got the hang of assembly.

The second game is a re-run of WRG 6th edition ancients with David Sullivan. He's added some more later Imperial Romans, and I'm increasing the size of my Republican units, so it should be fun. We'll have to go through all those glitchy bits in the rules again, I'm sure.

Finally, Mark Waddington and I will re-run Mechanical Madness, the giant Martian game that attracted so much interest at ConQuest. We have some new stuff. I'll have a Martian Windsprint, a light floatship that can zip around the board. Mark and I each have a unit of Dead Earth Warrior women, e.g. naked Amazonians. These figures from Bronze Age Miniatures are just beautiful, and Mark has some super special Amazonian rules for them too.

On Friday night I'm going to try to slither into Sean McEvoy's hydroplane racing game. On Sunday I'm hoping to play in the DBA Open tournament. All in all it should be fun.

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