Saturday, September 17, 2011

Moving Along: Hallmark Jacobites finished.

Last night I finished painting flags for five units to put the finishing touches on my Hallmark Jacobites.
The Highland Army

This has been a difficult project to struggle through.  For one thing, I know little about the period-always a little dangerous-and was attracted more to the figures than anything else.  As I've said before, the entire range-Highlanders, League of August figures, and extensive baggage and fortifications-are very nice.  They never practiced the steroid induced figure creep of other 15mm ranges, but despite their small size retain considerable detail and character. 
Five of the English Battalions I've painted.  Mostly the Scots Brigade

The Scots Brigade with their commander

Militia Horse
The Highland center with Viscount Dundee

Right flank of the Highlanders
Left flank of the Highlanders.  Not super close, but you do get an idea of the figure quality
Attracted to the Battle of Killiecrankie, I acquired more figures than I needed, but painted them all anyway. About 375 figures total with most painted this summer.

For the Highlanders I have eight warbands.  In the rules we'll play King's War, they have no shooters and are superior melee troops. They also have the a single light gun, a small troop of horse and the Viscount Dundee.  The Scots are only allowed a single leader according to the special rules.

 The English have ten battalions including two Scots units in plaid and bonnets.  I painted the Scots Brigade from Holland-they're the ones with the cool flags.  In addition they have three light guns and two small units of militia horse. They have one mounted leader, a couple of dismounted commanders, and some grenadiers.

 I'm anxious to try out the rules to see if they work.  Written locally, the rules are really intended for the pike and shot era, but this may call for something a little more period specific.


Ray Rousell said...

Excellent work, its great to see someone else painting up 15mm figures for this fantastic period. Nice one!!

DeanM said...

Great work! I agree about the figures - I thought they were 28mm at first. Interesting period, although I know very little about it, except for the name Bonnie Prince Charlie! Best, Dean