Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A cornfield wrap up

A frontal look, on my dining room table, of cornfield with 28mm infantry and a Hovels log cabin in background.

More of a top view.  The cornfield is 10 bases X 5 bases, 40mm square.

Another comparison shot of the cornfields with 28mm Mexican Presidial cavalry
I've made all the cornfields I have bases for, but would still like to make more.  I may even resort to something other 40mm square. Or I could just buy more, but I'm getting cheap in my old age.   I feel good about these. 

I actually have a bit more bases than I've shown.  Total of 64 bases.  The cornfield pictured is 15" X 7 1/2 "


Pete said...

Nice big cornfield, that! Good work!

Ray Rousell said...

Great looking fields!

Dave S. said...

I think the cornfield looks good. The mass effect looks better than individual stalks. How big do you want it to be for the game?

Kevin said...

Dave, I'm not sure. Just bigger.