Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Chickasaw Bluffs terrain bits appearing together

I thought about trying to lay out my Chickasaw Bluffs game on my game table, er, my dining room table.  There is one serious defect in this plan--my dining room table is much, much smaller than the 8' X 5' table I'll be working with next Saturday.  So, through out my cornfields and my palisade and my houses, just so's I could show them off together.  I'm actually really pleased with all of the pieces together and separately.  They're handmade, they cost very little, and, most importantly, they are finished.

Mark Waddington graciously sent me his Brother Against Brother rules, and I've been reading and tinkering with them.  I cannot thank him enough; he's a great friend.


David Sullivan said...

Very spiff. The terrain looks great.

DeanM said...

Superbly done, Kevin. Those stalks of corn look enticing to skulk through. Dean

lrqan said...

I like this a great deal, it looks fab.