Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy

I finished up my PT Dockyard vessels this morning.  These are pictures of the vessels.  I have several more that I've already painted and I'm tempted to redo them to match the color and detailing.  I must say I like these much better.  The smallest vessels, the Boghammers are new castings and much superior to the old ones.
Thondar missile boats are among the nastiest of the Iranian vessels. Chinese built with Chinese missiles

Comparison shot with my original model.  It's getting a face lift.

Four "China Cats", another Chinese missile boat with a catamaran hull.

The last picture is the LCS-1 Freedom by PT. Dockyards.  As you can see, it is a much larger miniature than the Iranian vessels.  It will feature prominently in our Straits of Hormuz game.  Hope to have it finished Sunday. However in doing research for the detailing, which will have to be painted in, I've discovered I need to re-paint the hull that same USN brownish gray I primed the model with.  I've included a couple of pictures of a finished model that inspired my thinking, as well as as photos from the U.S. navy that show the contrasting grays.  Not a big deal.  Will probably lose about a half hour in painting and touch up.
Boghammers.  The first three are the new models.  The outside two are the old miniatures. 

Tir torpedo boats
US Navy photos of LCS-1 Freedom clearly show the upper works a lighter gray than the Gull Gray hull. 

USS Freedom (LCS-1) is a work in progress.  There is a Thondar below and a Boghammer above as a size comparison.

That same USN gray is clearly visible in this photo of LCS-2 Independence.  My miniature of this vessel is a styrene model kit by Dragon.  I'll be spray painting this vessel because I smell disaster when I think of using brush acrylics on a mini this big made of styrene.  A big bunch of bad.
LCS-2 Independence with its distinct trimaran shape and gull gray coloring.

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Inspirational work - still putting out these nicely painted and based models so close to the convention. Gives me a lot of motivation to finish up a couple more items for my game. Best, Dean