Saturday, August 04, 2012

My WAB experiment

Ahh, to drag out my HYW figures today.  It's been a couple of years.  Hard to believe.
Off to try my hand at Warhammer Ancient Battles version 2.0 today.  Or maybe it's Armies of Antiquity, I really have no idea.  Anyway, there's a fairly active WAB group in the Pierce County area, and I can easily put together and English and a French Hundred Years War army for skazillions of points.  Unfortunately, I'm limited to to just 2,000 points with pretty limited and expensive troop types. 

I'll just be playing with HYW English today.  My goals are simple:
1.  Try the rules and learn the system a bit.
2.  Can my WAB army expect to function like a historical army?

This number two is really important to me.  That doesn't mean I should just show up and win.  It doesn't mean my counterpart should just set up and get shot to pieces, but I want to see if an English army composed of longbowmen and men at arms functions pretty much like an English army composed of longbowmen and men at arms.  I have a suspicion it won't, but I'll give it a few tries to find out.

Battle report tomorrow

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