Sunday, September 23, 2012

Laura McCoy's plastic plant mats.

I've held off working on my woods bases because I want to add something more three dimensional than just my Woodland Scenics trees. Mark had some great plastic aquarium plants he ordered from Laura McCoy.  I don't quite know the name of Laura's business, but I do know I was really intrigued with Mark's collection of plants.  He sent off a pdf. catalog of Laura's stuff.  She has a wide variety of plants that come in many different heights from 4" to 24".  They come molded on to 5" X 5" mats, and in the 4" tall plants are 25 plants per mat.  The cost per mat is only $2.99, a bargain.  I ordered three different plant types: coral fern, linden and springeri, two mats of each.  There are many more to choose from, but I thought these were the best choices for a forest.

Very nice, very useful stuff. 
4" Linden

4" Ferns
4" Springeri
 If you have an interest in acquiring some of these goodies, send me a message.  Laura doesn't have a website.  However, I do have a nice PDF with color photos and descriptions.  She is very responsive to e-mail.  I received my order within four days.  Shipping costs are very reasonable.

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