Friday, March 03, 2006

Events for Enfilade

I've definitely settled on the games I'll run for Enfilade. It is a pair of games that will involve assaults and sorties near fortified positions.

For the first game, an assault on a fortified bridge position, I'm going to use the Tactica siege rules, probably with some modifications. I'll provide an array of options for the French defenders and English attackers. The options will range from extra troops to light siege equipment, such as an Onager and mantlets for the attackers, to a crow or light ballistas for the defenders. However, the onus is on the attackers to capture the barbican with towers in a short time to secure the river crossing for the advancing army. The rules seem simple enough to manage a fair number of singly based figures. I think I can manage to keep things fun and interesting.

The second game involves a night sortie by castle defenders to destroy siege engines attacking their defenses. The English attackers will move in groups at night. They are always at risk of discovery, and losing their way. I'm still deciding on rules, whether they are the Pig Wars late medieval variant, or perhaps an adaptation of the Tactica rules. The latter may be a bit too simple. The I foresee the night movement posing special problems for the attackers, and a matter of some confusion for the defenders, as they try to cover the possibilities.

After a lot of question about what to do with all of my Hundred Years War figures, I've decided to continue to singly mount all of them. I can place them on movement stands for large scale battles, if needed, but the single mounting retains flexibility. I kind of think its crazy to have hundreds and hundreds of figures per side singly mounted, but there you go.

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