Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Groups and More Groups, and Entering the Electronic Age

Last night we held our first NHMGS conference call. It was an interesting experiment in group dynamics. As with most Enfilade gatherings, though we don't begin randomly, we often stray from our discussion paths.

We did make some important decisions. First, we agreed that David Sullivan would continue our banner ads at the current intense rate, and throttle back the ads to a more affordable, sustainable level in a couple of weeks. We would also hit TMP with newsworthy announcements after the attendance of several notables is confirmed after Cold Wars. The idea is to keep up a drumbeat of good news about Enfilade.

We also had a useful discussion of the Citadel. We all agreed that the Citadel needed to come out on a more regular basis. My goal was a quarterly, plus one Enfilade preview. Others suggested three plus a preview. Norris agreed he would work hard to learn publisher and try to have something out by the 20th. Bruce raised the question of whether there was an interest in an electronic Citadel. He suggested a moderated Yahoo group for the Citadel in which issues were kept in the files section of the group to be accessed by NHMGS members. We agreed that the Citadel offered considerably greater creativity, with color and pictures for the authors. It was suggested that we offer the change at Enfilade in order to get some paper Citadels out to cover our lack of newsletters over the past year, before making this change.

I agreed to begin another new Yahoogroup covering the decision makers in Northwest conventions. We agreed that some business conducted on our Faithful group should be kept between us, and that some material in our files section was sensitive. I promised to set this up next week.

We agreed to raise the heat on the membership on the NHMGS group to get in their games and make their hotel reservations. I promised to approach Eric Hotz about including information about Enfilade on the Trumpeter website. I expressed my happiness with the number of committed games to date, and also suggested we get out our PEL to as many places as possible with regular updates.

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