Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Enfilade Just Four Weeks Away

I love Enfilade, but preparing for the convention is always a bit frenzied for me. I always seem to have some new thing I'm trying to do.
This year it's Lewis and Clark. Unlike most of my projects, however, not only do I need to paint figures, I also have to make terrain. The figs are done, but the terrain is just beginning to get started. I need to make an island, and I'm thinking I should do it on felt. I was going to do it on plywood, but I've got so much stuff to transport that I don't think I can manage tubs and tubs of stuff as well as a large rigid terrain piece. I also have some playtesting to get done-though I have no clue about when that will happen at this point.

I'm putting on three additional games at the convention. The first is a big hydroplane race. No big deal. It should be fun, and honestly I hope I get to race Miss Wahoo or some other boat-maybe Miss Spokane. Friday night.

I think I'm free Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon I'm running a game with Daveshoe. He's put together a great Action Stations scenario in the Mediterranean. I still have to assemble and paint a couple of R-boats. They have a pretty cool camouflage, so I'm looking forward to painting them.

Saturday night is Corps of Discovery night. I've painted lots of figures, assembled a couple of boats, but I still need to put together my river, a river bank, some hills, a chokecherry grove and play test BlackPowder Battles. Lots to do still.

Sunday is Bladensburg. The figures are pretty much painted, though I still need to paint three flags for my District of Columbia militia. It should be fun. I love War of 1812 games.

As you can see I'm going to be busy up until the day of the con. Throw that in with getting through a Jagwire deadline, Casey's birthday, and doing yardwork and the picture isn't pretty.


Eli Arndt said...

Oh if only I could make it this year. I have never been, actually.


Kevin said...

Sorry to miss you. Next year?

DeanM said...


This year will be my first to host a game - the HYW WAB game which I'm still trying locked down a date/time w/Adrian to a play-test. I believe we're running our games the same time on Sunday at Enfilade. v/r, Dean