Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Flotilla of Discovery

Lord, it's been a difficult couple of months. Between journalism conventions, spring break and other activities, it's been hard to get much done, let alone blog about it. Last week it was the national journalism education convention in Phoenix.

When I got home I had to decide whether to finish my last figures-the ten mounted Spanish militia-or do the two boats that will serve as Lewis and Clark's pirogues. I opted for the latter because I needed them for this weekend's game as well as for pictures for an article I was writing.

Here are the pics in all their glory. The boats are from OG/Merrimac Shipyards. They are a real bargain at ten bucks each (or less if an Old Glory Army member.) I gave each vessel a mast (one is broken for the scenario I'm running) Lewis and Clark armed each with a boarding blunderbuss, though these seem to be in pretty short supply, so I simply gave each one the swivel cannon that came with the boats. The prirogues were known as the red pirogue and the black pirogue, so I painted each accordingly.

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