Monday, May 25, 2009

Enfilade: The Overview

Enfilade '09 was a smashing success. The best I can figure there was record attendance. There were a record number of games. It seemed that all had a good time.

There were some great games-Mike Garcia's Teutoberger Wald game, guest Bob Murch's Curse of the Jade Buddah game, and many more.

I'll be following up with individual articles on Lewis and Clark and Bladensburg.

As always the best part of the convention was seeing friends. Doug Hamm, Daveshoe, Dave Demick and a host of others ran games with me or played in my games. Mark Waddington checked in on the Lewis and Clark game. Mark Fortner and Tim Webber, two of my favorite Enfilade entertainers, played in three of my games. I had the opportunity to spend time with Randy Miles, whom I hadn't see for a few years.

It was all good but I'm glad its over. I did sell some goodies at the Bring and Buy-WWII Pacific stuff I haven't looked at in years. I did invest in the Victrix 25mm British Napoleonics for War of 1812, and with the money I had left over I spent $74 (!!!!) on some Perry AWI that will become the 5th Maryland at Guilford Courthouse. All year I bought nothin' and in two days went crazy.

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DeanM said...

Great convention - thanks to folks like you who had a big hand in running it. Regards, Dean