Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Three Days to Go

It's three days until Enfilade. I love the convention; I truly do. But I am simply all in. Lewis and Clark took over my life, and I am still in the "I've got my fingers crossed this works at the convention" stage. The other games haven't taken much work, thankfully, and I'm looking forward to them. More importantly I'm looking forward to seeing friends.

Next year-yes, I'm saying it now-no more than three games. I'd like to do the Raid on St. Nazaire with Daveshoe, maybe another Lewis and Clark scenario and either hydroplane or air racing. That will leave me a little more time to goof off or play a game or two.

Where am I with my games now? I still need to do the flags for my three little War of 1812 militia units. I'm just going to print out flags and stick 'em on standards. Yes, it's cheesy, but I'm wiped. I also need need to print up the paperwork for Bladensburg, organize my bag, making sure I have everything packed for the convention. It would be just like me to drive off and leave behind my Thunderboats! cards

I helped Daveshoe with pre-registration last night. Together we got it done pretty quickly. Talked about St. Nazaire a bit.

Exhausted Beyond Belief!!!!

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