Monday, September 07, 2009

Spanish Civil War Update

These are pictures of my painting table. All the primed white stuff are Spanish Civil War figures in process.

I'm fairly taken with the project at the moment because it got such favorable response at our August game day. I've even ordered a few more figures. I just finished painting a couple more Nationalist units-a Phalange militia unit and a Nationalist regular army unit. I have a couple more Republican militia units to paint. I think they'll both likely be POUM socialist militia. I've also received a few planes.

I joined the SCW 20 yahoogroup, mostly to see if there were some useful sources, especially flags that I could scale for my 15mm figures and I struck gold. There were also some useful sources including rules. One idea I saw included random arrival of off-board support including air attacks and bombardment. I'm excited about it. I don't know when I'll play again, but I do think Non-Pasaran is a good convention game. I'll haul it out at Drumbeat and plan a scenario for Enfilade. Here are the units I'm likely to have, together with those I've painted:
2 X Spanish Foreign Legion (1 complete)
2 X Moroccan Tabor (2 complete)
2 X Requete (Carlist) militia (2 complete)
2 X Falange militia (2 complete)
1 X Falange shock battalion (0 complete)
1 X O'Duffy's Blueshirts (1 complete)
1 X Cavalry regt. (1 complete)
2 X Italian volunteers (0 complete)
3 X tank companies (2 complete)
Artillery and anti-tank companies all complete

3 X International Battalions (2 complete)
3 X Popular Army Battalions (2 complete)
2 X Assault Guards (1 complete)
6 X worker militias (2 complete)
2 X tank companies (2 complete)
2 Artillery and anti-tank companies all complete.

4 Spanish Civil War aircraft (0 complete)

The blurry figures in the foreground are Falange militia by Peter Pig nearly finished. The figures with red berets are the Requete (Carlist) militia, very conservative, very Catholic, very effective fighters for the Fascists. There are some other items on the table including a very nice 32mm Cardinal Richelieu figure from Redoubt's Three Musketeers range.

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