Saturday, September 26, 2009

A little here, a little there

We just wrapped up our third full week of school, and the familiar patterns of years passed have emerged. I'm frightfully busy most of the time. I suffer from anxiety induced insomnia, so when I'm not busy I'm exhausted. It puts a damper on my gaming life--such as it has become.

Even so, I'm trying to paint regularly-every day if possible. That's complicated at times because of school commitments. This week was Back to School Night-so Wednesday was a wash. I'm also watching a little bit more television, mostly because I want quality hang-out time with the missus. There are only two shows we're watching, Mad Men (On Demand) and we're trying Flash Forward, which after one episode is pretty good.

Even so, I have made a fair amount of progress on projects. I made my Enfilade trade with Doug Hamm for some of his gorgeous AWI figures. This was a deal we weren't actually able to consummate until his move to his new house. When the figures arrived in early September, I vowed to quickly do something with them. And I did-sort of. I remounted one of the two units, the Volunteers of Ireland, and then set about remounting many of my other figures. It's back to the 40mm square bases I had them on for years. I'm also getting ready to paint a couple of more units--a converged grenadier unit for the southern campaign, and a small unit (12 figs) of North Carolina Continentals for Eutaw Springs.

Of course I can't start those guys until I finish my 48 figure unit of French dismounted men-at-arms for HYW. These will be a 12 stand unit for the Crusader Rules/Medieval Warfare. They're all Perry figures. They're gorgeous, but take some doing to finish. I'll keep picking away at figures for this project. I have 14 more figures to paint, as well as six standards, so it's going to keep me busy. But I sure want to get on with the AWI figures.

I'm also picking at my Spanish Civil War figures. I have four light machine gun figures to paint before moving on to heavy machine guns. I have enough to provide each army with two machine gun companies. Then I want to move on to paint a couple more battalions of Republican militia.

I hope the variety keeps me interested, if not focused.


DeanM said...


You sound busy - with school & your gaming projects. I'd be intersted in seeing your 40X40mm based AWI. If you have chance, would love to see a photo on your blog. I plan to base some Napoleonics on the same size bases.

Kevin said...

Your wish is my command