Sunday, October 04, 2009

Volunteers of Ireland and other thoughts

It's been a wonderful weekend. Aside from the fact that I struggled with my insomnia, I had absolutely nothing I had to or places to go aside from a few errands. I took the opportunity to watch the Huskies' heartbreaking loss to Notre Dame and both Mariners' wins to end the season. Together with lots of sports watching I did lots of painting. Mostly I worked on finishing my 48 figure French unit of Perry men-at-arms for HYW. These guys have been on my table since June, so I was pleased to wrap them up. As soon as the basing and standards get done I'll get pictures up.

These figures are one of two units I got from Doug Hamm in our June trade. They are Volunteers of Ireland, a provincial unit that served throughout the south in the period that interests me, 1780-81. They are all Front Rank figures, and serve in summer linen. I was a bit challenged as I painted up a couple of figures to fill them out to sixteen-my figures are mounted in foursies. It's even more challenging because Doug black primes everything and mine are white primed. I did the best I could and I think you would be pressed to find which two are mine.

I've had the opportunity to really inventory my piles of unpainted AWI lead, and I've made some plans regarding how to organize and paint it. I have enough figures to paint up numerous British units, the small one that show up at Eutaw Springs and Hobkirks Hill. I have enough American figures to paint up the 1st Virginia and 2nd Maryland at their Guilford Courthouse strengths, which together is 72 figures. Throw in the Welsh Fusiliers and the Von Bose regiment and I have lots I can paint.

But first I'm painting up a bunch of SCW machine gunners before launching into the 63rd Regt., at its Hobkirks Hill strength of about 160 men (16 figures.)

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DeanM said...

Nice - I've since bought some 3/4" fender washers - I'll still mount my figures individually, but should still be able to have them on 40X40mm square bases.