Friday, October 09, 2009

Good Times With Trader Doug and My Obsession with the American Revolution in the South

I engaged in a long distance swapping match with Doug Hamm again. Doug is letting go of his painted AWI figures. Once upon a time Doug was the recipient of a big bounty of Front Rank figures when the Sentry Box went out of biz years and years ago. He painted up a bunch of relatively small units in his beautiful black primered fashion. I'm going to part with most of my raw War of 1812 lead for his painted Queens Rangers, British Legion horse, and a few American light infantry.

I'll work the figures into units or stands that work for me, and I'll reduce my pile of unpainted lead. I'm pretty focused on the American Revolution right now. I have about 50 figures I'm either working on or piled together ready to begin work on. I'm painting the 63rd Regiment, which fought at Hobkirk's Hill and Eutaw Springs, then a unit of North Carolina continentals from Eutaw Springs together with a stand of Virginia Light Infantry that was attached to Kirkwood's Delaware lights at Guilford Courthouse. Then it's on to the 1st De Lancey provincials that fought at Eutaw Springs, and a unit of converged grenadiers-they fight at Guilford and Eutaw Springs.

None of these units are very big-none over sixteen figures and DeLancey is only eight. Remember, my scale is 1:10-if it was larger, say 1:20, these units wouldn't even be a blip. In the coming weeks I'm hoping to create a record of the units needed for each of the five battles I want to be able to run-Cowpens, Weitzels Mill, Guilford Courthouse, Hobkirk's Hill and Eutaw Springs-and where I am in the painting of those units. Many of the units-particularly the Maryland and Virginia Continentals appear in almost all the actions; they just get smaller and smaller.

I've got a couple of decent pictures of my second Hamm unit, the Loyal South Carolina Regiment. These guys fought all over the south after Cornwallis deserted the state following the debacle at Guilford Courthouse, but most notably at Hobkirk's Hill.

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DeanM said...

That's a spiffy-looking unit. The hats made me think think they were in the Indies or other tropical place - but I guess the South USA is pretty hot & humid too. Nice looking paint job.