Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hydroplanes on the Horizon

I'm looking ahead to planning for a project using my existing minis after my Spanish Civil War stuff is done. I don't have much more to do. I've got seven vehicles to paint, two 22 figure units of Italian infantry, and a couple of infantry guns for the Nationalists. It will go fast.

After they are done I'd like focus some of my attention on painting boats for the 1965 Gold Cup. I have a few, but the boats that raced in Seattle that year were:
Miss Smirnoff
Gale's Roostertail
Miss Lapeer
Tahoe Miss
Miss Madison
Miss U.S. V
Notre Dame
Miss Bardahl
Mariner Too
Miss Exide
Savair's Mist
Such Crust

I've already painted four of these boats, so I'd need to finish eight more. They're always fun to do. I'm actually considering a six player game in which those who win in heat 1A have their boats handicapped in 1B. I may also work with Dave to see about the possibility of pre-rating some of the boats in advance in order to create a more authentic handicapping system.

Meanwhile painting proceeds apace. I'm working on the first sixteen figures of the 2nd Maryland. I finished the first eight and I'm pretty pleased. The next eight are all in hunting shirts, so they should go pretty fast.

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DeanM said...


Reading about your multiple projects (and time-lines for completion) are a true inspiration for me to drive on with the few and far-between projects I'm working on. Thanks! Dean