Friday, February 05, 2010

A Look Ahead to Enfilade

Last weekend we had our first Enfilade get together. It's a good, well-run convention even if I do say so myself. My jobs this year are to manage the registration desk and organize the Best of Show judging. The registration desk usually comes together reasonably well, even if we're still trying to round up the last couple of volunteers in the week before the convention.

We have made a couple of changes for the convention. First, we are trying to make game sign-ups a bit easier. Bruce suggested we allow all pre-registered attendees to sign up for one game on-line. This is a great idea and will take folks out of the crowd trying to register for games. Game hosts can also pre-register for one game on-line. That will include me, so I am hoping that game registration will look a little less like an angry breadline. Those who register at the door will have the opportunity to register for one game at the time of their registration. That seems to me to be a fair way to compensate.

Another change is an emphasis on lining up volunteers for Best of Show. This became somewhat contentious last year, so trying to find volunteers early and schooling them on the guidelines is important. My Enfilade brothers confirmed their interest in sticking with the standards I established way back in 2004, so that pleased me quite a bit.

As for my Enfilade plans--I am going to run my Ile de St. Jean game. There are still a few things I'd like to add. Mostly more wagons to use as barricades. I'm also thinking about a hydroplane racing plan B, just in case the Can-Am cup falls through. I could work on putting together the boats for the '65 Gold Cup and see how that goes. It might be fun, and will give direction to completing yet another project--my hydroplane collection, though I'd like to work on developing a diorama approach for the pits and log boom.


DeanM said...


I love online registration, etc. However, a question about the pre-registration for one game - this can only happen after the games are announced. I already pre-registered for the convention, as well as hosting an event (via Allan - as the last time I checked there wasn't a link to register a game online on the 2010 page). I believe I saw post from Bruce M. on the NHMGS Yahoo group about him pre-registering folks for games via emails to him. Regards, Dean

Kevin said...

So, you'll be able to pre-register for two events. You don't have to pre-register on-line yet, you'll have until two weeks before the convention. I also think there is some kind of technology patch that has to be inserted so, be patient and I'm sure there will be more information coming.

Dean, thanks for all you do for NHMGS.

DeanM said...


My pleasure - hope my post (query) didn't come off sounding too demanding - it was more an observation for you. Hmmm, pre-register for two events - wow, That sounds great. Dean

P.S. Kevin would you be interested in being a play-tester for my Sharp Practice game sometime in the not-too-distant future?

Kevin said...

No problem, I know Allen's working on it, but I just don't have word on whether the game pre-registration is working yet. I'm sure Bruce or Allen will make an announcement.

Let me know when you're planning your play-test. If I can be available I'd love to try out the rules. I'm hosting a game on the 20th, and beyond that I have an on-going family obligation that's taking some time. But I have a date I can probably work around it.