Friday, January 29, 2010

January in Review

It's unlikely I'll get much more done in the next day or so. I finished a surprising 62 figures. Of those 40 were 28mm figures. Sounds like a lot? Well, not so much. In December I received as Christmas gifts 110 28mm figures. Admittedly I wasn't out buying a big bunch of figs like that every month-but just as an example. Just to be clear, my goals are to finish 40-60 figures per month. I know that's a wide spread, but my overall goals are to finish 500-600 figures over the course of the year, and that should keep me on track.

February my goals are to finish my second unit of 15mm SCW militia and complete or make progress on my 36 figure 2nd Maryland Regiment and a twelve figure unit of Welsh spearmen for the Crusader Rules.

Addendum: One of my goals for the 2010 is game a bit more. I actually managed to play three miniature games in January. My goal is really to make it to two, so I feel like I had a good month. The next game I'm planning is a Maximillian game on February 20th at Game Matrix.

While I resisted the temptation to buy any figures in January-actually I was only tempted one, briefly-I did buy two sets of rules. The first was British Grenadier by Partizan Press. I really like them, but they'll take some playing to get used to them. I also downloaded Rank and File by Crusader. At $6.75 the PDF was a bargain. They are probably the opposite of British Grenadier, pretty generic covering a wide historical period. Perhaps some tweakifying will make them an good set of convention rules for the American Revolution.

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