Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Queue

I've put together a painting queue for myself. Kind of an order of jobs that are awaiting painting. It keeps my head in the game and organizes my paint jobs. It isn't inflexible and the order or even the type of jobs waiting can be changed; it just keeps my painting going.

Mostly I expect my painting to be 28mm Hundred Years War and American Revolution, but I'm going to keep some 15mm stuff going too. I'm starting with Spanish Civil War until I run out of stuff. I don't have a lot left. I finished some POUM militia last night, and probably have something less than 100 figures left to paint. I'd like to add more, but I have other 15mm items to work on: 1st Jacobite Rebellion, DBA armies, and 15mm fantasy. I imagine I'll have my fingers in all of these before 2010 is done.

I made my first purchase of the year. No, not any figures. I ordered the British Grenadier rules by Partizan Press, and I am anxiously awaiting them. I also definitely decided on a rules set for the aforementioned Jacobites--King's War by Bruce Bretthauer. The former because everyone seems to play them and they have some elements I like. The latter because they're cheap and easy, and also because everyone seems to play them. King's War is a little representational for me, but I'll just shut up and go for it.

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