Friday, January 22, 2010

Painting-How to Save a Life

I'm living a stressful life. Last month I lost my father-in-law, a good man whom I miss more than I believed I would. I'm smack in the middle of trying to arrange the rest of my mom-in-law's life, which will mean moving her out of her house into assisted living, and making the dollars work. My job is stressful-teaching semi-unmotivated sophomores U.S. history and English. My other class, journalism is wonderful, but demands long hours and fixed deadlines. I suffer from insomnia, and am worried about my finances. Gah! I have a lot going on.

Thank god for painting figures. I've been making a point of painting every night for at least 45-minutes to an hour. Often much more. As you can see, I've managed to finish some figures too. My Mexican Imperial dragoons are done, and now it's on to some more 100 Years War figures that have been sitting on my painting desk for a while.

I know for many folks painting is not relaxing. I usually find it quite so. I usually am watching a movie and painting. Casey got us a wireless access point for our blue-ray players, so we can stream movies on Netflix, so I can always pull up something new. I'm not a super fast painter, or a super good painter, just persistent, so I'm hoping to get a lot done. That I'm not starting any new projects, and that I'm just painting what I have is pretty liberating. Let's see how big a dent I can put in my pile. Anyway I'm just having fun. Unfortunately, I'm on deadline this week, so I may not be able to keep it up.

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DeanM said...


Best wishes on your painting; BTW, for inspiration have you seen Scott MacPhee's recent project - he's projected to paint 250 ACW figures in a month I know he'll do it too! Dean