Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's Been a Weird Month

Yeah, I know it's time for another post.  It's the first month of school and I find myself working longer hours and enjoying it a bit more, so I've had less time for game-related activities.  I also haven't had a whole lot to write about what I have been doing.

I have been painting pretty regularly and I've purchased some new figures.  I am mostly focused on my RevWar figures right now.  I'm finished painting the figures for my 5th Virginia Regiment, 40 figures strong.  It will be full strength for all the major actions it participated in-Guilford Courthouse, Hobkirk's Hill, Eutaw Springs-as it diminished in strength from 400 men to 180 men.The figures are Perry Miniatures, a combination of figures types from their Continentals in southern dress.  They are very nice figures, with lots of variation available. I chose an example of a thirteen star flag from Richardson's Flags and Standards of the American Revolution. The Liberty flag, which is hard to see, comes off the Danish Wargames page.

I'm also working on a new British unit, the New York Volunteers.  Okay, they aren't exactly British regulars, but they are a smallish loyalist unit that served in the south.  I'm also painting them green.  Usually that's a no-no by the time provincials headed for the Carolinas.  But it's clear they were issued with green jackets in 1780 as they embarked for Charleston, and red jackets some time later.  Would they have had them at Hobkirk's Hill? That's debatable, and I'm guessing they probably wouldn't but I'm okay with it because it adds some variation. These are also miniatures from the Perrys' British infantry in southern dress.

I'm working toward fighting Hobkirk's Hill for Enfilade.  It's a pretty straight up action, with another post to follow to explain.  I've got a couple more units ready to paint.  One is James Coffin's small unit of light dragoons, and the small converged unit of invalids that also fought at Hobkirk.

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Wow - impressive work. How's MoF coming along? I know it's early next month. Regards, Dean