Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Limits to Growth: My AWI Project

I just finished reading David Sullivan's blog post on having too many projects to manage.  I am sympathetic.  I do cop to his comment that I have good focus and can be productive, at least in a short term, say three or four months, then I have to take a break and do something else.

My American Revolution project is where it's at for me right now.  Yes, I definitely have other things to do too-Spanish Civil War, American Civil War in 15mm, 28mm and 1/600 naval, the First Jacobite Rebellion, 28mm War of 1812, and a plethora of others to work on, but right now AWI has me by the nipple ring.

I've written a lot about my War of Independence project.  The conflict is interesting, I love the variety of troop types, with British and American regulars, Tory regulars, militia galore and the spectre of Indians fighting on the frontier. So many battles, so many troop types and so little time. This being the case I narrowed my interest to the year following the Battle of Camden to the fall of Yorktown.  In fact I went even farther than that-I limited myself to battles in the Carolinas from 1781.

While it's certainly possible to fight a bunch of one-off battles with the pile of units that took part in this southern campaign, I am, of course, lured by the battle-sized historical actions, and there are five of them.
1. Cowpens (January 21, 1781)
2. Weitzel's Mill ( March 6, 1781)
3. Guilford's Courthouse (March 15, 1781)
4.  Hobkirk's Hill (April 25, 1781)
5. Eutaw Springs (September 8, 1781)

These omit large numbers of smaller actions that could easily be fought in  skirmish or semi-skirmish actions between formations of British infantry and/or Tory militias and American militia units under Francis Marion, Thomas Sumter and others.

It is my plan to paint each unit involved in these actions at 1:10 and apply them to the appropriate order of battle. I'll review each of the battles, together with my progress toward making them available for a game.

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