Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Show and Tell: The block 10 cogs completed

I put the finishing touches on my first batch o' cogs.  This is the finished project.  I painted the beads, er, fighting tops simple colors.  The hulls are pretty basic.  Tried dry-brushing them, though it isn't my long suit, and I think I'll need to find a better dry-brush color.  I really like the sails, even the plain ones, because it adds something too them, including disguising some of the masts that didn't quite end up perpendicular.

I put them on Litko bases.  They're actually modified Litko bases that began life as 80mm X 40mm and were chopped in half.  I painted them Ceramcoat Midnight blue, added a little foam, and coated with Liquitex gloss gel--miraculous stuff.

I've begun working on the block 20 cogs with the properly faced bow and stern castles.  I hope to have them up to view next week.  Consider the block 10 vessels a down payment on the Battle of Sluys.


DeanM said...

They look good - looks like part of the crenelation of a forecastle might've broken off on one?

What do you want as a result with dry-brushing? A lighter color here & there? If so, maybe a walnut or sandy color might be a good color for dry-brushing. Just a suggestion.


Dave S. said...


The sails add to the overall looks.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of the ships on Saturday.


David Sullivan said...

Very cool. But, you know you can actually get 40x40 Litko bases...

Kevin said...

Yes and I actually have them. However, I use 40 X 40 a lot and the 40 X 80's, a purchase for my no longer existant WRG 6th project, were just sitting there waiting for a purpose. Now they are gainfully employed.