Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some choices to make on Saturday.

I wandered with my iPhone camera on Saturday morning and just tried to get some pics of games.  These aren't all the games in the ballroom, but these were some of my favorites.
Wes Rogers 28mm Battle of Soor

Sven Lugar left behind his 6mm figures to host a 28mm Winter War skirmish, Lake Kookojarvi.  There were a number games fought in winter terrain, and Sven's was excellent.
Neil Marker's Fallout scenario, "A Town With Troubles," may have had the most original and interesting terrain of the convention.  Based on the video game, and some say it was a dead ringer.
Scott Potter's 15mm Battle of Fredricksburg.  One of several Regimental Fire and Fury offerings at Enfilade.

Chris Craft's 15mm Palo Alto game.  Another Fire and Fury scenario.

Will Thompson's Battle of Tsushima.  Used the Fire When Ready Gridley rules.  Naval games were quite popular at Enfilade this year.

Allan Dyer and Jeroen Koopman hosted 2nd Day at Gettysburg all day using Regimental Fire and Fury.  Get 'em boys.

This photo doesn't do justice to Bruce Smith's Swamp Fever game.

Olympia Gamers' Schlemmer's Gold.  Nothing like fightin' on Venus right after breakfast.

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Ray Rousell said...

Very nice!! The Gettysburg game looks epic!!