Sunday, June 05, 2011

So What's Next?

It's been a week since Enfilade and now I can finally give some thought to what I'd like to accomplish next.

First, let me say that I did cleverly rope myself into something new at the convention.  Galactic Knights by Monday Knight Productions.  I bought the rules, a game mat and some space ships, but I don't anticipate that it's a large or time consuming project.  It just looks like fun.  It's Daveshoe's fault that also coincides with an old and amusing story.

On with the show.  There are a number of projects I'd like to complete or at least make major progress on before the next convention.  First on my list is to work on figures for a hypothetical conflict in the American Southwest before the Louisiana Purchase.  There is tons of history to support such a conflict with Spain.  That Spain controlled New Orleans and the port of entry there was a matter of intense conflict between American settlers in the west (Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee) who depended on friendly governments to allow the free passage of trade.  In addition, there was considerable angst between the United States and Spain over the latter's intrigue with the Choctaws and Chickasaws and control of the eastern bank of the Mississippi River.  Spanish construction of a fort at Chickasaw Bluffs (a familiar name from Grant's Vicksburg campaign) nearly provoked conflict in the region.
Mexican Hussar from the period I'm interested in.  It can be easily made from the Perry Napoleonic French Hussar figure.
This project broadens two existing projects.  First it gives me something else to do withwith the Spanish troops I have for my Lewis and Clark range.  I'd like to add a few horse and a gun or two and combine them with my large number of painted, but never played with OG woodland Indians.  It also gives me a reason to paint up my stash of Wayne's Legion infantry.  It would allow me to use both the Indians and the Americans for war in the Mississippi Territory or on the Ohio frontier. We'll use the Brother Against Brother rules.

Another project I'd really like to finish this summer is my 15mm First Jacobite War.  They are all beautiful little Hallmark figures.  The Highlanders are done and just need to be mounted. I have some of the English figures painted but have lots more to do.  I'm going to play Bruce Bretthauer's King's War for the period, unless you, brilliant readers, have something better to suggest.

I still have skazillions of other unpainted figures to work on.  I don't see myself acquiring much new.  I'll work on Eutaw Springs at some point.  All the American units are the same except for some militia--but I already have those figures painted-and a couple of units of North Carolina Continentals.  I need to double check the British again, but those units are pretty familiar too.  I've got some figures to paint from Mars, and some hangers on from the Spanish Civil War. 

This very instant I'm finishing up some guns and gunners from the revolution, including some of the little King's howitzers Wayne used in Ohio.  It doesn't bother for me to paint a little aimlessly too.  Sometimes that's just fun. It should be an enjoyable painting summer.


DeanM said...

Wow! That's a cool hussar - never seen one with a shield before. Boy that's a great period. I love those Cuera Dragoons too. Dean

Kevin said...

Shields are great for catching Indian arrows. Looks out of place doesn't it?

Dave S. said...

Well, it isn't completely my fault that you bought the Galactic Knights rules, Will did give you a deal.