Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Casey Jones and Men He Left Behind

Sometimes scenarios just don't go quite the way we plan them. Mark Waddington had a playtest on Saturday of his Enfilade East Africa game. It's a World War I game with lots of cool Germans and Askaris and British and their imperial hangers on. Most importantly, it has a train. The Germans are raiding the Brits, with eyes on destroying their headquarters and blowing up the train tracks. The British goal is to prevent all of that. The British start with two units on the board: a unit of unhappy Indian troops, and a unit of pretty good Kings African Rifles. They are reinforced by a many troops and heavy weapons on a train.

The train's role in the game was brief. Bruce Meyer commanding the train simply put it in drive and sped the train and its contents, the British reinforcements through the board and off. Gary Griess and I commanded the two units on the board, and we held on as long as we could (and waved good bye to our friends) as we prepared to hold out against a pile of Germans. Actually, I commanded the KAR and got in a bloody firefight with some sailors and suckered them into an ambush by some hidden Masai auxiliaries, but it looked like my troops were going to have to light out into the bush.

Sorry about the pictures, they're pretty dark.

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