Tuesday, March 24, 2009


As promised, I have managed a few acceptable pictures of my Comanches by Conquest Miniatures. They are very nice figures with lots of extras to add on. I ordered some extra weapon packs, though I really could not make the cast lance heads work. I ended up using brass wire which I pounded flat and shaped (a bit) on my anvil.

I have twenty of these, plus a mounted acrobat, which I'll use as two ten figure units and a leader for my Lewis and Clark game.

Things are shaping up figure-wise. I'm down to having eleven mounted figures, plus thirteen dismounted figures to paint. I'm hoping to have all the dismounted figures completed before I leave on vacation on Sunday.


DeanM said...

These guys look great. I particularly like the bone(?) chest protection (or ornaments?). I apologize for my lack of Native American history. BTW, what would their spears be tipped with? Flint/stone? Best wishes on your project. v/r, Dean

Kevin said...

Dean, they really are nice figures. The spears would be steel tipped. Apparently the Spanish and French both provided the Comanches the metal which they applied to their spears in two inch lengths. My figures probably exaggerate the length of the length of the head-makes 'em look more fearsome.

I'm gonna run the game on Friday night at Enfilade-you can sneak in I'm sure.

DeanM said...


I will take you up on the kind offer to play your game. I also want to see the Spanish guys. Didn't you say you had some Cuera Dragoons?