Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Enervation, Ennui: Ma, I'm stuck

I am moving very far very fast. I'm still slogging through my 2nd Maryland figures. I confess, I'm taking a lot of extra time with them. They are Perry figs, and I really do love them. They are very crisp and have a fair amount of extra detail. However, they do have the most annoying mold marks--little tags of pewter that are very hard to see at times. I often find myself scraping them off as I apply paint because I didn't catch them as I was prepping the figures.

The figures in the 1779 regulations uniform are very nice, but the uniform for these boys is brown faced red. Not real exciting. A couple of the officer figures have voluminous jackets that I painted blue faced red, regulation for Maryland units. I've finished all the uniformed types, and a handful of figures in hunting shirts. I'm actually down to the last third of the unit: a dozen figures in shirtsleeves. I've just begun working on them, but I'm still really struggling with a germ and zillion anxieties associated with work and home. It's been a challenge getting painting time.

I've attached a couple pictures of the 2nd Maryland in progress. I've got a few of my finished figures in regimentals, the rest of the finished miniatures are piled behind them. The figures I have in progress are to the right. I actually committed a couple of hours tonight, and a couple more nights' work will wrap them up. Sunday by the latest.


DeanM said...


Inspirational again - nice to know you're tackling your lead pile so steadfastly. Are these figures for an Enfilade game?

I'm working on two concurrent projects right now - one for the Boxer Reb. game that Chris B. is hosting (TSATF rules), and my own Sharp Practice game (still needing to playtest it too!) Dean

Kevin said...

Not for this year. They play into a batch of scenarios for the future though. Unfortunately each unit is pretty big, 36-40 figures. This is unit number two.

Anonymous said...