Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Madness and April Anxiety

It's the last day of March. It's time to take stock and make plans for April.

First, March was an extremely difficult month for me. I think I've mentioned my role in a legal action against the school district resulting from an issue of the school newspaper in 2008. It's all come to a head. I've had hours of trial prep. I testified for four hours on Monday. It was exhausting and I came away with a major headache. That also doesn't speak to the two years of anxiety and depression of suffered through for this trial. The really good news is that even though I know I'll have to testify one more time in the next couple of weeks, I'm feeling freedom I haven't had in two years.

Despite all this, it was a very productive month. I finished the last 21 figures I needed to complete and finish the 2nd Maryland. This was one of my target units for 2010. Two more to go.

I also completed 46 15mm Spanish Civil War figures. I know they're 15's and don't require a lot, but they are also the last complete infantry units I have to paint. Probably the first figures I'll actually buy this year are more Peter Pig figures to wrap up this project. That's another ten infantry battalions to give myself a suitable mix of infantry, but it's fine. I see the Spanish Civil War as one of my core projects now, and not that far from being complete.

Last, but not least, I also finished two hydroplanes. I'm always amazed at how much I enjoy painting up these boats. They look cool, despite the lack of information I usually need to paint them. I just give it my best shot. The results are pretty good despite painting numbers and script by hand.

I finished 69 figures this month, and my totals are just over 180 for the year thus far. Not an astronomical number, but definitely on a pace to meet my goal of 500-600 figures this year. Still no figures purchased.

For April, I have a handful of SCW weapons and vehicles to paint. I also would like to start building some battalion sized entrenchments too. In addition, I would like to paint all of my remaining hydroplanes. I've started painting Gale's Roostertail and Miss Madison, but I have three additional boats to paint for the '65 Gold Cup and three additional boats I'll paint up in fantasy colors for the Enfilade Cup. I have some ideas I'll share when they are complete.

Pics up this week. Lorri and I are away for the weekend for a much needed break. It's Spring Break week, and I'm enjoying what I can.


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Julie said...

Hey, it seems like you did have a productive month. You finished the Civil War figures and painted the hydroplane. It`s good you are trying to continue with it and finish a couple of them in April. What about this trial with the school and the problem with the newspaper? I amgine it must have been really exhausting having to testify so much. But at least as you say, now you feel a bit more free and can enjoy the benefits of it such as taking a Spring break to relax and have fun. I believe the key is Overcoming anxiety as much as you can to avoid feeling sad and miserable. We all go through similar thing and we end up overcoming them, si I am sure that the same will happen to you.
I hope that you will have a much better time in April.
Good luck!

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