Monday, March 01, 2010

February finis

Well, February roared in like a lion and went out like a lamb. I got off to a great start in this second month of the year, finished some Spanish Civil War figures, some AWI figures, but got very little done after deadline began last week. I did complete a couple of hydroplanes yesterday. I really got stuck on the number 50 (completed figures.)

I didn't buy any additional figures this month, though I did invest in some paint and some brushes. My total painted figures for the year is 114. Not bad. It puts me on a pace for over 600 painted figures for the year. It also meets my range of 40-60 painted figures per month. It was a short month too, so, again, not bad.

It was a tough painting month too. I am in my third week of fighting a low level germ that sometime leaves me pretty tired. We were also on a very contentious deadline last week that kept me busy every evening except Friday.

In March I'll keep working on those 2nd Maryland figures. I expect I'll finish them. I'll keep working on hydroplanes. I have seven more to finish for my Gold Cup project, and they should be pretty doable. I'll also wrap up all my 15mm Italians for the SCW this month. These should pad my figure totals. There are 44 of them, half in the dark green European uniforms, and half in the light khaki African uniforms.

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