Saturday, May 01, 2010

A Better May

April was a down month for painting. Things got out of control early with trial practice. Lorri and I took a little vacation early in the month. All my effort went in to finishing my hydroplanes. When I got those finished, there was more trial prep, closing arguments, all of which demanded my time. I spent most of the rest of the month just reading, and that was fine.

My figure count sits at 194 for the year. Not great, but I still have averaged 48 figures per month for the year for the year. That's enough to get me to my goals of 500-600 figures for the year. Production will go up during the summer too.

I also made my first purchase of the year. I bought 88 15mm Peter Pig Spanish Civil War figures. It's enough for me to complete two battalions of Requetes (Carlist) militia, and two battalions of Republican regulars as they were reorganized. I won't buy any more until these figures are done, but SCW really has my attention right now. It's an interesting period, the figures paint up fast and the game is fun. I've had lots of inquiries since I ran it last August.

On the painting table:
12 28mm HYW horse-sort of a loose agglomeration of routier types led by a knight. Foundry figures I believe
4 15mm SCW artillerists and two 65mm infantry guns. They're FOW Italians, but they're going to be Nationalists. Infantry guns were attached to the Tabor brigades (Spanish Foreign Legion and Moroccans) moved fast, and were very effective.