Friday, May 28, 2010

Thank God it's Enfilade

This morning I head south for Enfilade. It's a perfect weekend for it. The weather is crappy with a capital crap. Lots of great things about this year. First, I have today, Friday off. No snow days, and the district usually reserves this as a snow make-up day. So, unlike last year, I didn't have to head down after school was out.

My job is to organize and manage the registration desk while still trying to run and play some games and have a good time. I've never been so organized as this year, though doubtless I've forgotten something. Nevertheless things look pretty good, so I'm hoping our set-up goes well.

Looking forward to seeing Doug. I'll try to talk him into walking the floor and deciding best of show tomorrow morning. I'm running three games, but two are hydroplane racing, so they aren't too stressful. The third is the Alcalde's Daughter game in Mexico I wrote about in March. Looking forward to that.

I'm dragging along my camera, but may just resort to using my phone.

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