Monday, May 31, 2010

Enfilade: An Overview

This is the first of several entries about Enfilade 2010. Just a quick, wordy snapshot.

First, it was a great weekend for the convention, because the weather was just crap. I can't imagine being a family that regularly camps over Memorial Day, because I think I would have been home by 5:00 on Friday. We had about 250 attendees make their way to Olympia through the rain and execrable traffic from various parts of the northwest.

There were lots of great games. I actually made time to play in a couple of them. I loved Chris Craft's wonderful Hundred Years War game using the Crusader Rules as well as Lawrence Bateman's equally great Northwest Indian War game that takes place on the White River near present day Buckley.

My own games went very well. The Friday Night Thunderboats! game was a hoot as always. Saturday night I re-ran the Alcalde's Daughter. I knew all the players and everyone seemed to have a good time. The Sunday Gold Cup Race I really liked, though it was pretty long. All the participants said it was worth it though.

More articles with pictures to follow.

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