Sunday, June 06, 2010

Enfilade and After

It's been a week since the convention, and I always use this time as an opportunity to take stock, and think about what I'm working on an what I hope to accomplish.

First, May was not much of month for painting things. I got my trenches done, and finished some buoys for hydroplane racing, but not much real painting. I picked at twelve light horsemen for the HYW, but have actually done more with them since the convention than I did before. May is a tough month for teachers. There's a lot to do at school and there's just not much energy there. It's June now and I can already begin to feel a bit more relaxed and energized to paint.

Enfilade purchases are always something I look forward to, but mine were carefully planned. I had some cash and sold about $140 worth of unpainted miniatures in the flea market. Everything I brought was priced to sell, and almost everything sold. Be that as it may, I didn't buy too much at the convention. All the money I spent was at the Reviresco booth. I bought a couple of planes for the Spanish Civil War, and a couple of the Acheson buildings John McEwan was closing out. I also bought a very nice Z-shaped trench from Company B for SCW.

The rest I saved for a Peter Pig order to begin wrapping up my SCW stuff. I ordered my last International Brigade unit and a couple of militia units, as well as enough figures to fill out my Civil Guards.

The Spanish Civil War will be my big summer painting project. I'd like to say I'll finish all my figures. Don't know if I'll make it, but they paint fairly quickly and I don't know why I shouldn't be able to finish them. I would like to play another game at least by third weekend in July.

I've also been reading Under the Blue Pennant, a memoir of naval operations in the Civil War. Lots of amphibious operations on the James River and in North Carolina. I'm intrigued with trying to do something with my plethora of 6mm ACW stuff and I've come up with two ideas. One is to do combined arms with my underused ACW naval vessels. The other is to develop rules to re-fight the Great Snowball Fight in Dalton Georgia in 1864. Oh c'mon, it would be fun.

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DeanM said...


Thanks again for ensuring another great Enfilade! The Bring & Buy tables were loaded with great stuff. Unfortunately, I should've jumped on deals sooner. I saw a lot of lead on Friday, but after hosting my game, I went out to look and the lead was gone! I think James R. bought a lot of those. Anyway, hope you have a great Summer Break once school's out. Regards, Dean