Tuesday, June 08, 2010

HYW Horsemen and Carlist militia

I'm wrapping up 12 figures of 28mm light horsemen for the Hundred Years War. This was part of HYW/WOTR bounty I bought from David Sullivan many years ago. They might be Foundry figures, though it seems there are a mix of manufacturers. Maybe a couple of Crusader miniatures too. There is a fully armored knight in charge of the show, and I figure they could be a unit of hobilars or some other irregular cavalry unit for either side. I can see them participating in an action involving routiers or something like that.

It's taken me forever to finish these figures. I've really been back on a painting routine since the weekend, so I'm actually able to get something done.

Next on the painting block are some 15mm Peter Pig Carlist militia for the Spanish Civil War. The Carlists or Requetes are the backbone of the Nationalist army after the war enters its second year. They wear the distinctive red beret and are solid troops. This will give me four 22 figure battalions. All the photos are of the Carlists from the SCW.

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