Saturday, July 17, 2010


I've really enjoyed my friendship with Mark Waddington. He's also a teacher so we share some common experiences. Mark's given me such great perspective on some of my own rules and scenarios over the years and that's such a huge bonus to me. I often get stuck on details and Mark helps me out with that.

Being an educator too, Mark also has significant time off during the summer. We've talked about a summer gaming group, but haven't quite acted on the impulse. This summer I contacted everyone I knew who might have some free days and suggested some Friday afternoon gaming at the Game Matrix. I was surprised and very pleased at the response. Al Rivers, Dean Motoyama, Adrian Nelson, Mark and Joe Waddington, Scott Murphy, Tom Bieker and I have all made one or more games.

We've given ourselves a name: The League of Extraordinary Truants.

The games have varied, and yesterday was our third week in a row. Adrian is our official staff photographer, and I'll share out some of his pics. We're going on hiatus for a couple of weeks as we deal with commitments elsewhere.

Just an overall review of the gaming, the first thing I'm struck by is how much we seem to enjoy each other. There's no lawyering or hard feelings. There's usually a lot of laughter and smiles. That's saying a lot because each week the period has been different and generally the rules have been new. Yesterday we played Ironclads, not an easy set to pick up and run with, but generally everyone got it and by midway through the game most of the players were working the charts themselves.

I'm hoping we can pick this up again in August because I've had a blast.


DeanM said...


I also posted a plug for our "League" too. Thanks so much to you and Mark running the fabulously fun past games. I need to step up and run something soon - maybe Sharp Practice; then Romans Seas - as soon as Adrian and I finish our fleets. Thanks again, Dean

Kevin said...

I have enjoyed each and every minute of each game. Thanks for playing. I would love to try either of those games.