Sunday, December 05, 2010

Why December is better than November

I know I'm five days late, but I'm thrilled November is over.  It's a difficult month for me.  I always have my week of Jagwire commitments, but there are a lot of other things going on at work as well.  November is the month ER dedicates to parent conferences.  I always try to make myself available at convenient times for parents, meaning after their work days end, so many of my evenings are eaten up with meetings.  This November we decided to do our Battle of the Bands fundraiser, which meant a couple of late days for auditions and one Friday evening for the event. 

In the end I probably devoted six or so hours to painting for the whole month and accomplished very little.  I flogged a dozen Perry AWI infantry and eight Front Rank British Light Dragoons.  Didn't get very far with them.  Even over the six days I had off for snow and the Thanksgiving holiday, I was busy with family, our little trip to Seattle, and I even chose reading (nothing hobby-related) over painting.  Just one of those months.  The only items I finished painting were a dozen miniatures for Sky Galleons of Mars. 

December looks a lot clearer.  Not many evening activities, conferences are over.  Today I even finished painting those Perry infantry.  My plan for the month is to wrap up those light dragoons and then leave AWI behind for a while.  I'm going to change over to my Martian project for a while.  I have 33 Indian infantry figures to paint and then another 22 Martian askaris.  After that I'll have to see.  Maybe I'll even take up some of 15mm figures.  In any case, the Martians should take me into the new year. 

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