Thursday, December 30, 2010

WIP: Video and Indians on Mars

One of my Christmas gifts was a flash video camera from Lorri.  It was something I didn't need, but she thought it would be nice to include video with my blogging. I did include one video with my Lepanto entry.  It's funny, I thought there would be more excitement in miniature wargame to shoot, but I'll have to work at it a bit more to get it figured out.

The camera is a Panasonic, and so far I highly recommend it.  Lorri got it on a Groupon for about a hundred dollars and it shoots stills as well as video.  If you watched, the picture quality is decent and the audio is embarrassingly good. Between my iPhone and my flash camera, I think my imaging is covered.

 I've had this bag of OG colonial Indians for a couple of years now.  They're intended to be Indian troops on Mars.  I've got them organized into three ten man units plus one white officer.  I'm enjoying the painting, and they go fairly quickly.  The unit of Madras infantry with the red turbans is finished, while the other two are on their way.  It would be nice if they sold them separately as Sikhs, Bengal infantry, Baluchis etc because their headdresses are different.  Maybe nobody will notice--but I doubt it.

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Baconfat said...

The Indians look great!