Friday, March 11, 2011

An Enfilade Check-up

Enfilade begins on May 27th.  That's 77 days from today.  Seems like a long time, but in project preparation time, not so far away.  That will include three newspaper deadlines, a trip to Anaheim for journalism nationals, a well-deserved spring break rest in La Conner, and countless honey-do's and sleepless nights.

I still have a lot to finish and play test.  The cog project is back in full swing, but there are still nearly 30 to finish.  This weekend I'll fully reopen the Smyth Sluys Shipyard.  There are about 30 hull blanks piled on my painting table that need to be shaped.  If I do that then I'll be in good shape to be working them throughout the week.  The sooner I finish the cogs the sooner I can playtest the scenario.  I'm hoping to maybe do that with Daveshoe and Dean sometime in March.  Gives me an excuse to have Dave down and Dean has expressed an interest and lives nearby.  I can do the land areas in felt for now, but I'll probably do the actual areas in foamboard for the convention. 
The Flemish fleet at Sluys.  Not quite finished.  Still some basing and sails to finish
Genoese and Castilian galleys.  They still have a bit of work to do.  Lots of paint and basing stuff and they'll probably each need sails
I'd like to shape all these hulls this weekend.  There's about 25 of them yet to do, but that's it for the project.
Small cogs for the French fleet.  It will be these guys and the Flemings finished tomorrow for sure.

I still have lots of figures and bits and wagons and stuff for Hobkirk's Hill.  I haven't played Regimental Fire and Fury, though I don't think it could be that difficult.  Spring Break (March 26th-April 3rd) should be enough time to do some practice walk throughs.

The Closing Wilmington scenario really needs some walk throughs.  The land combat portion of the rules definitely lead some work and some play testing.  I also want to be sure I get the right balance of Union Navy and Confederate shore batteries. 


DeanM said...


The cogs look great. Well done & impressive production. Dean

Ted H said...

Yeah, you've got quite a fleet there!