Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Shipyard Review

You can see a dozen large cogs (2 inches long) with their fighting platforms and crenelations in place.  The fighting platforms for the 16 medium sized cogs are also done, though I haven't done anything about the walls.
Well, I'm disappointed.  I really did work hard on the Sluys project today.  I probably put in eight hours, but didn't finish anything.   I really hoped to have the galleys done, and did make considerable progress on the Genoese vessels, but still didn't get them done. I did cut all the fore and aft castles, and installed them on a dozen large cogs. Got a good start on stuff, and I'm positioned to make progress and wrap a lot of items up when I can get some time.  Probably not until Wednesday evening because we're on deadline this week.

Made progress on, but didn't finish the Genoese galleys.  You can see the Grimaldi family arms on the aft awnings.

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Dave S. said...

Things seem to be coming together pretty well, although not as fast as you want. I can understand wanting to be done with a project (I've got several projects like that).

The galley's are looking good.