Thursday, March 17, 2011

Galleys: Finished at last

Castilian flagship.  The sail depicts the arms of Castile

I finally completed my galleys for the cogs project.  I needed three models for Sluys.  The galley participants at Sluys were Genoese, but the Castilians also supplied galleys to the French, so I made three more for them.
The three Genoese galleys.  The Grimaldi family arms for a Genoese leader

I also included the Grimaldi family arms on the aft awning.

They weren't super difficult to build, and honestly I could have done a better job in smoothing and sanding them, but at their size it's hard to tell much of anything with them.  Honestly, I just feel the need for speed building these guys.  I did drill the sides of the basswood for the eight oars per side, and used steel wire for the holes.  All in all not bad.  A little washed out ivory paint and cover the lot with gloss gel and not so bad.
I wasn't quite sure what to do with Castilian awnings.  I decided to embed the Castilian arms in a field of blue.

A head on look at the Castilians 
  I've built the next 11 French cogs, all the large ones plus some extras.  I'm hoping to have them finished by mid-week at the latest. 


Dave S. said...

The flagships look great. I think the awnings turned out good.

I'm looking forward to seeing the French cogs.

drift1879 said...

We will make you into a full time scratch builder yet! Your cogs look great! Ready for playtesting? I always find it amazing how something so small can absorb so much of your time. However, I am sure you realize that it is a very small step from scratchbuilding cogs to creating your own custom martian airships......

Kevin said...

The short answer is no, I will not become a full time scratchbuilder. No scratchbuilt Martian airships or keelboats, I'll leave that to you. I'm probably a couple weeks away from a playtest, but I will for certain let you and Dave and others know.

David Sullivan said...

Have you seen

Kevin said...

Very cool David. I did check it out and bookmarked the link. I may add it to my list of useful links.