Sunday, August 14, 2011

Figures, Follies and Foolery

It's August 14th and back to school is just around the corner.  My summer game plans have not gone well. I just haven't been able to do as much as I hoped.  First, I'd like to offer my litany of excuses.  Come on, Congress had the debt ceiling fiasco, we're entering a political campaign season, everyone's handing out excuses, it's only fair I share some of my own.
Hallmark English regiment nearly complete
Three partly completed regiments.  I have these four pictured units left to complete.  Would love to be done with them by Friday August 19th.
First, I made some painting plans for the summer.  They were to finish my 15mm Hallmark Jacobite project and move on to my interesting 1797 hypothetical war in Mississippi project. Let's just say I haven't gotten as far as I'd like.  I ended up having a lot more British troops to paint than I thought, in fact more than actually served in Scotland in 1689.  That's okay.  The fact of the matter is that I'm getting close to finished painting all 180 figures.  That still leaves cavalry, guns, gunners and various accoutrements to paint as well, but when they are done, they're done.  It's a finite, finished project.
Ahh, my messy painting table. One Hallmark unit finished, but not based. To the right are some Old Glory Wayne's Legion figures patiently waiting their turn in the painting queue.
While I haven't finished a damn figure for my Mississippi project, I am acquiring some new minis.  Many of the figures I'll use for scenarios for this project will be drawn from other activities.  Wayne's Legion figures and militia types from Lewis and Clark and Fallen Timbers;  Spanish figures from Lewis and Clark; Indians from Fallen Timbers.  However, using some birthday bucks and a bit of my stipend from my Ellensburg teaching gig I've ordered some new toys.  First, I ordered (and have received) a box o' Perry French Napoleonic hussars.  Remember this picture? Those figures, with their mirliton options, can be made with the Perry hussars by adding a round shield-the perfect accessory for catching Comanche arrows. Nice stuff, definitely less fiddly than the British Napoleonics I was assembling earlier this week.  I also ordered more of the soldados de cuera figures that London War Room produced.  They are now made by Dayton Painting Consortium.  While I've provided a link to their website, you won't find pics of the cuera soldados there.  I ordered enough figures to add one figure to each of my two existing units, and one more unit for a total of three.  In addition I added a mounted lance armed cuera unit to go with the hussars, and some guns. I'm kind of itching to work on these guys, but Jacobites first.
Boxes of figures!! The Victrix Brits I packed off to Ellensburg lie below the Perry Hussars I received for my birthday.  "Our day will come . . . "
 In terms of the follies, I announced the purchase of a new set of ACW naval rules a couple weeks ago.  I've watched patiently as the mail carrier has driven off each day without dropping off my long-sought rules.  Finally, Friday, after I had not received my rules, I called old friend David Sullivan because he said he had ordered them after reading my blog post.  He told me he'd received his order from Bay Area Yards.  Gah!! I went back to the Bay site, and still sitting in my shopping cart was my order.  I'd never actually sent it in. I, of course, immediately remedied that problem.  So Sail and Steam Navies should arrive soon, I hope.

 There is some upcoming foolery this week as Dave Schueler brings his naval game down to Game Matrix Friday for a truants game.  I believe this may be a Barbary Wars game, one of Dave's obsessions, and it should be fun.  This is more of a playtest than anything else as I know he's been searching for the right rules.  I'm really looking forward to it and will be sure to pass a report along.


Ray Rousell said...

Looking good!

DeanM said...

Those 15's look good - Lace Wars, huh? I think I'm going to order some of those Cuera guys. Can't wait to see your Mexican Hussars. Best, Dean

lrqan said...

Hang in there.